Nowadays the company “Hakhverdyan-Shinmontazh” is the largest organization in its sphere. It was founded in 1996, on the basis of company “Ayardmontazh.” The history of the company goes back to the beginning of the 1960s. During the period of the Soviet Union, the company was specialized in manufacture and installation of complex metal structures. It also built technological and chemical plants. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the organization was not inactive, and continued to work in small amounts in its own specialization. In 1996 the company was privatized by Vilik Hakhverdyan and renamed to “Hakhverdyan-Shinmontazh” JSC. The company was the first, who imported aluminum composite panels for building facades, aluminum profiles for doors, windows and glass facades, polypropylene plates for covers, and other product varieties, produced by the new technologies, which became a new jump-start for a number of construction sectors.

Company offers its customers more than 7,000 types of products and materials.

“Hakhverdyan-Shinmontazh” Company is the only official representative of a number of prominent organizations in the Republic of Armenia, such as SARAY ALUMINIUM (Turkey), ALCAN (Germany), “MACROLUX” (Switzerland), MARGA Cipta (Indonesia), ILLBRUK (Italy), ALUSEL (Turkey) KALE KILIT (Turkey), REGAL ALUMINIUM (Turkey). The company also cooperates with other organizations, such as: GU (Germany), DORMA (Germany), MACO (Austria), CETIN, BTS, VHS, NORM METAL, STAR PROFILE, SINAX, ALAKS, and so on.

For more than 18 years,the company “Hakhverdyan-Shinmontazh”,specializes in the production of doors, windows, glass facades, banisters, billboards and letters, glass constructions and external protective blinds.